To my own surprise it looks as though we have puppies in every state now but New Jersey & Hawaii. Even in Germany and Canada ! Love my babies and all my sheltie families.
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paypal.me/DiamondsruffKennelsABOUT US

   Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of  the utmost importance.
  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the  best service and wonderful shelties possible for your individual needs. We  love our pets as family members and would love for you to have the  opportunity  to see what this fantastic breed can add to your life. I have  been working with Shelties for 20 some years. So I can share with you first  hand what they can add to your home and family.   
     You can Paypal me a $100 non refundable deposit You will go on my waiting list by the date   deposits show up PayPal.Me/DiamondsruffKennels    Just put your amount If you would rather mail your deposit that is fine they are $100  non refundable. This puts you in  line for puppies or dogs as  they become available. They go by the date your deposit is  received. Include your choices of color, size, and sex.  Mail  to  Irene Bowman  Diamondsruff Kennels   13616 New  Millpond Rd Big Rapids, Mi. 49307   231-796-7133231-598-7133 cell         

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 <option value="Sable">Sable </option>
 <option value="Tri -Color">Tri -Color </option>
 <option value="Blue Merle with Tan">Blue Merle with Tan </option>
 <option value="Bi -Black">Bi -Black </option>
 <option value="Bi- Blue">Bi- Blue </option>
 <option value="CHW">CHW </option>
 <option value="Sable Merle">Sable Merle </option>
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